Zensah High Compression Shorts

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Zensah High Compression Shorts; run, bike, and recover faster!
Zensah High Compression Shorts provide support to the upper leg, while allowing for unrestricted mobility in the lower leg. They also aid in increasing oxygen and blood flow, keeping your legs warm and loose while running, cycling, or during any tough training such as CrossFit. Compression is approximately 15 mmHg. • 3D Compression provides extra support in the quadriceps. • Moisture wicking properties help keep shorts dry and free of perspiration during activities such as running, or cycling. • Keeps upper legs warm and loose • Made of 85% Polyamide & 15% Elastane • Item # 7200 Zensah Compression Shorts are made using seamless technology. By removing seams found in most compression shorts, the risk of chafing is reduced. Zensah Compression Shorts are ideal for ultra runners, ultra marathons, triathlon, basketball and other highly competitive sports. Zensah Compression Shorts are embedded with silver ions which help regulate skin temperature keeping you at optimal performance. Made in Italy with the most advanced yarns in the world.
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