SmoothToe Predator 15-20 mmHg Crew Length Merino Wool Outdoor Compression Socks

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The SmoothToe Predator Crew Length 15-20 mmHg graduated compression sock is the ultimate high performance outdoor sock.


Enhances blood flow in legs and feet
Speeds athletic recovery
Helps prevent injury & reduce calf cramps
Provides energizing effect on legs, hour after hour
Merino wool is weaved throughout the sock

Merino Wool Difference
Fibers in the sock are soft, not scratchy and bend more than other wool fibers, plus feels soft on your skin.
An active fiber that reacts to changes in body temp: stay warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.
Absorbs moisture vapor and odors from sweat, which are released during washing.

Seamless Construction
Helps protect the feet from irritation due to rubbing.

Designed for today's outdoor enthusiast.

All styles fit up to a 20" Calf.

Blister Free!
Will not to fall down or wrinkle in your shoe or boot.

Fiber Content
41% Nylon
34% Merino Wool
19% Polyester
6% Spandex

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