CEP Ortho 15-20 mmHg Achilles Support Compression Socks for Men

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This item has been discontinued. Limited quantities remaining. No returns on this item. Adhering to top quality control standards, these CEP Ortho 15-20 mmHg compression socks for men directly stabilize the Achilles tendon and promote faster recovery. This comfortable garment reduces swelling by supporting the Plantar Plexus network of veins. Circulation is enhanced in the feet via targeted compression at mid-foot and ankle. Highly durable, this product is geared for long-term use and will easily sustain over 150 wears and washes. Made in Germany. Features and benefits: • Latex-free • Proprioceptive ankle and arch stabilization • Reduced pressure in toe box for optimal movement of toe • Targeted 15-20 mmHg compression on foot and arch with graduated 22 mmHg compression from ankle up • Advanced synthetic fibers provide moisture-absorbing properties while decreasing odors and bacteria • Microcirculation is increased and deep tissue is massaged via anatomically-shaped SMARTMEMORY foam pads Fabric is made of: • 87% nylon (polyamide) • 13% spandex
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