CEP Dynamic+ Run Merino Short Cut Compression Socks for Women

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This item has been DISCONTINUED. Returns will not be accepted. Remaining for anthracite: 10 in size 2, 27 in size 3, 18 in size 4 Remaining for navy: 4 in size 2, 20 in size 3, 4 in size 4 Ideal for outdoor sports, CEP Dynamic+ Run Merino Short Cut Compression Socks maximize stability of muscles and joints. These socks are constructed of the finest Merino wool, which provides optimal thermal balance. The advanced technology of the fibers allows for efficient management of moisture, keeping your skin dry for extended periods. Made in Germany. Features: • Extra-flat toe seam • Precise anatomical fit • Anti-bacterial to reduce odors • Padded zones to relieve pressure • Close fit around foot prevents blisters • Targeted 15-20 mmHg compression at foot and arch • Extremely durable material with high-tech functional fibers Material made of: • 64% Nylon (Polyamide) • 14% Merino Wool • 12% Spandex • 10% Polypropylene
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